A gamified loyalty program customised for your users and Giving your users a reason to keep playing

Boost engagement and retention

Our loyalty users are 4x more active and show 2x better retention

Keep Users Motivated

Use our Level Up progression in a multitude of different ways to keep users motivated. Create different level progressions for the different users you have, and set requirements for how users move to the next level and customize the benefits users receive for leveling up.

Choose what your users can redeem their rewards for, which can be free credits, gift cards, merchandise, tickets, digital goods, or other unique items.

Gamify Your Bottlenecks

Incentivize your users with quests to refer more friends, create a team, or complete other desired actions. Onboard new users or educate existing users about new features by using our questlines to make the boring processes more fun.

Our robust quest system can directly reward your users for completing the actions you want them to take.

Personalize a user’s playthrough

Perks allow you to customize your user’s experience to their playstyle, allowing for creativity and status symbols. Make your product feel completely unique to each individual user.

Reward Different Player Types

Segment your users based on behavior, engagement, demographics, or any other criteria. Segments allow you to customize the reward experience for each tailored group, getting the highest level of personalization out of the loyalty program.

Get Started Today

We Support You Pre and Post-Launch

Scrimmage will work alongside you to set up your loyalty program and get you live quickly. After launch, Scrimmage support will be available to you

Customize the rules of your loyalty program

Choose how users earn rewards, progress through levels, and redeem their rewards

Choose an iFrame or API solution

An iFrame customized to your brand is seamlessly integrated into your platform. This is where your users will interact with your loyalty program. If just our API is preferred, connect and build on top of it. SDKs can be negotiated upon request

Manage from one centralized dashboard

Send us the data you want to reward your users for. Bet data, referrals, screen time, etc and manage each data point through one easy-to-use centralized dashboard

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We'd love to build something amazing together.